FLOODS January through March 2015

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Dear Desi and Martha
Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; I hope you are fine and the love and peace of God is with you. We are fine and the grace of God is with us however we are depressed with the current situation we are in.
As I told you that we experienced floods the past days now it has come to worse, it is still raining and water is coming in a lot of people have evacuated their houses to upper land and some are staying in schools others are homeless as their home are in water. Most have lost their food and property. We keep flour to prepare our food water our homes unexpectedly and we lost our flour and other valuable items.
As I write this letter it is still raining and Bangula is destabilized markets is in water, shops have closed and little trading is taking place. People are busy moving their Items and they are in need of relief in form of food and shelter. Fields have been destroyed and crops washed away which means people will replant in April and May this has never happened it is the first time to be hit by these kinds of floods.
I would like to ask you if you are in a position to assist please do so any contribution will be highly appreciated. I hope and believe you are going to share the news to your friends who have a heart to assist.
Nevertheless we thank God for giving us life and saving our lives from these water otherwise the worse would have happened.
Attached are the photos.

Thank you.

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  1. This breaks my heart as there is enough to contend with there to also have the jab of flooding. I am praying God keeps his people safe as well as the livestock and wildlife. Terrible for all.
    Looking at the pictures reminds me too much of the Calgary and worse hit-High River, Alberta flooding a couple years ago.
    I had the summer off from my educational assistant job and volunteered with tearing down drywall structures and homes to enable rebuilding. As well as massive cleaning of inches of mud in some cases and removal of furniture and belongings saturated with flood water and mud. All of course done before the demolition.
    I hope there is much help there and coming. My fiancé and I have to get our passports renewed and God willing with finances I would love to say I can help but will have to give it to Him.
    I’m sorry this has and is happening to all affected 🙁
    Please know you are on my prayers.
    I thank God for all you are doing there.
    Nadine Stevens

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