Testimony – The Revelation of Jesus Christ – No. Two – 2015 09 18

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Are we truly being transformed by the power of God’s Holy Spirit to become Even As Jesus in our mind, heart and character? / Or by our own abilities, transforming our self into the ministers of righteousness.. (2Cor.11) The workers of iniquity that Jesus (Matt.7:13-29) and the apostles spoke of did not do God’s will but they all did their own will, according to that old Adam nature that was never properly killed or crucified (eliminated) by the Power of God.. The True Revelation of Jesus Christ transforms us and translates us into the same image and likeness that Jesus possessed of the Father’s Life manifested in the flesh in not only Jesus, but also the Apostles and believers that are described in the book of Acts.
God is restoring Truth, and it is in that Truth (the revelation of Jesus Christ) that brings us into the fullness of God’s glorious life in us.. Matthew11:25-30.