Private School and class rooms started

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Private School and class rooms started up in September 2015 in Malawi, Africa and now in January the school will have 3 grades as the grade ones and preschool are moving forward into the next grade ahead of them… We have almost 200 children being taught and also feeding program every school day and also the other feeding program sent on the the other pictures with the elderly – etc.

Training the people to be leaders and the children to be raised up for the Kingdom of heaven…







  1. Desi and Martha Jakab

    Our school program was started by Nationals in 2015 – the first classes consisted of approximately 200 children in Grade 1 (Standard One) and Preschool, they are fed daily and there is also other feeding programs in other places as well. God is Growing His Kingdom and these people are excited about the Teachings that are also being posted on: Desi Jakab – You Tube – The lead pastor’s comment on February 4, 2016 is: “I have been watching your videos and they are encouraging and transforming.”

    We have just sent assistance for food.. as there are currently 4 to 5 million people at risk in Malawi, and the Report we received today Feb. 4, 2016 continues:
    Food will be given to orphans, poor widows, the elderly and the needy.

    Assistance has always come at the right time; as a nation we are experiencing hunger, people are going to bed with an empty stomach. God is providing food support unto us through you (Feeding the Hungry Global Ministries), as a community – the orphans, poor widows, elderly and the needy we are grateful for your continued support. We are not starving because of your support.

    I would like to urge to continue praying for us as we are passing through the perilous time of food shortage and inflation. Today you buy the same thing at this price the following day the same thing has hiked. We believe God will carry us through.

    We are grateful for your (FTHGM) support. God bless you. We continue to pray for you. You are always in our hearts and prayers. I have been watching your videos and they are encouraging and transforming. Yours Layson